Strategic Considerations for Leading a Family of Companies

Growth is an essential part of our strategy here at The Fedcap Group.  Growth occurs through organic expansion of existing programs, acquiring new programs by responding to Requests for Proposals, and by combining with organizations with synergistic missions.   Our growth and expansion enable us to broaden and deepen our impact to individuals and enhance the […]

The Case for Strong Onboarding

According to a recent Gallup study on employee engagement, 50% of Americans in the workforce would change jobs were they to find something more compelling. This is a challenging statistic given the cost of replacing an employee. One solution—of many—to the turnover problem is the implementation of a strong and robust process of onboarding. Many […]

Leading Digital Transformation

Digitalization is changing the way non-profits strategize, structure, communicate, and conduct business in the non-profit arena. What was once a simple process of converting manual systems into digitized processes has now become a business imperative. The effect and outcome of digitalization is digital transformation, which affects our consumer base, our operating infrastructure, and our overarching […]