Recognizing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Each of the organizations within the Fedcap Group has a history of doing something new and innovative—committed to righting a wrong, improving access or changing attitudes. Their vision and entrepreneurial spirit continues to propel us forward. As a leader, I seek to surround myself with people who harbor and who foster the same entrepreneurial spirit […]

Maximizing Organizational Intelligence

Tomorrow, October 9th, at the Mutual of America Building, 320 Park Avenue, The Fedcap Group is hosting its 16th Solution Series: Maximizing Organizational Intelligence: Building Capacity to Create and Strategically Use Knowledge. The recent spotlight on the importance of knowledge in corporate management is highlighted by studies estimating that the value of employee know-how, patents, brand […]

Maximizing Organizational Intelligence

Just as we now measure the intelligence of people by using an Intelligence Quotient, the study of organizational intelligence measures the intellectual capacity of entire organizations to create knowledge and use it to strategically adapt to its environment or marketplace. These days, it is critical for organizations to improve the speed and the process for […]

Learning as an Organizational Priority

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” — John F. Kennedy As a non-profit, to be successful, like any business, we must focus on results. Results come from creating tight systems, processes, and implementing innovative and precise interventions. How do we make that happen? By being students of our profession. By seeking to understand. By […]

Second Chances: Standing Up for What We Believe

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  — Martin Luther King Jr. At Fedcap we stand for second chances. We believe that with hard work, tomorrow can be better than today. We stand for the Power of Possible.  This commitment is woven throughout the fabric of our agency—and […]