National Foster Care Awareness—a celebration and a challenge.

May is national Foster Care Awareness month—created to acknowledge the lives of young people, their foster families, and the many caring individuals who have helped rewrite stories that began as chapters of adversity into stories of success. There are hundreds of accounts of young people who, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, have gone on to forever […]

Shay Bilchik – Making a Difference Through Inspired Leadership

On May 18th, at Fedcap’s Spring Cocktail Party, we are honored to be presenting the Amalia Betzanos Award to Shay Bilchik, the founder and Director of the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy.  Amalia Betanzos, an iconic figure in New York City was the founder of Wildcat Services […]

What Sticks: Learnings from Fedcap’s 11th Solution Series.

On Wednesday, March 30th, Fedcap held its 11th Solution Series—a forum for discussing and forging new strategies and solutions to address the top issues facing people with barriers to economic self-sufficiency. Each time we hold a Solution Series, I am struck once again by our tagline: The Power of Possible. The “power” comes from gathering […]

Why employers may be the first line of defense against SUD and mental illness.

At Clarke Shoes and now at Easy Spirit we tried hard not to institutionalize the way that we interact with people, but instead we try to lead with our humanity.  This created a culture where people who were struggling with mental health or substance use disorders could ask for help—we worked to remove the stigma.”  […]

Stigma, mental illness, and SUD—changing the culture one contact at a time.

In 2014, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health conducted a survey of 700 people to determine their attitudes about employment of people in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). 64% of those surveyed believed employers should be able to deny work to an individual with SUD; 57% percent believe that those individuals should have […]

Supporting the mental health of our employees—solutions and strategies that work.

In a recent article in The Boston Globe, reporter Kara Baskin highlighted the consequences of the “unrelenting pace” work in the restaurant industry can take on its employees—including serious mental health issues and struggles with substance use. The restaurant business is indeed vulnerable, as is just about every sector that expects long hours and 24/7 […]