Creating Structure to Support Aspirational Design

The Fedcap Group is made up of an alliance of individual organizations, with a common mindset of aspirational innovation and vision—working to solve and not just serve problems. We are working to build an overarching organizational culture, strategy and structure that support this vision.  Innovation around creating aspirational outcomes that fundamentally improve outcomes doesn’t just […]

Opioid Crisis Impact on Life Expectancy: What The Fedcap Group is Doing to Change This Story

On November 28, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data that reflects a declining trend in life expectancy in the United States. According to the Washington Post, which reported the data on November 29, the trend represents the longest sustained decline in expected lifespan at birth in a century. The last decline was […]

Working Toward Full Inclusion and Equity

Today, December 3rd, marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities as first proclaimed by the United Nations General Counsel in 1992. Fifteen percent of the world’s population—over one billion people—live with some type of disability. The theme of this year’s commemoration is: empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality. The discussion around […]

Tonight’s Celebration of the Power of Possible Gala

This evening, nearly 600 people will come together to celebrate a year of tremendous growth, innovation, and impact for The Fedcap Group. Our annual gala is an evening where the extraordinary efforts of our stakeholders—our boards, donors, business partners, leaders, staff, and those we serve—are highlighted and heralded. It is an evening when we will […]

Leading for Purpose

Here at The Fedcap Group, our mission is to create opportunities for people with barriers to economic well-being. Our mission is well-articulated throughout the organization, driven by our tagline “the Power of Possible.” Throughout our myriad programs and agencies—and through our four practice areas—Education, Economic Development, Occupational Health, and Workforce Development—the Power of Possible permeates […]

Building Market Share in the Nonprofit Sector

At The Fedcap Group, we are driven by mission.  We are driven by expanding impact.  We are driven by creating solutions.   One way of evaluating our success is by analyzing our growth in market share.  We define market share as revenue, customers served and geography where we successfully compete within a specific area of service […]