Just as we now measure the intelligence of people by using an Intelligence Quotient, the study of organizational intelligence measures the intellectual capacity of entire organizations to create knowledge and use it to strategically adapt to its environment or marketplace.

These days, it is critical for organizations to improve the speed and the process for making decisions and maximizing their efficiency and efficacy so that they can best adapt strategically and structurally to the business environment. Not long ago, the success of an organization rested with the caliber and intelligence of its leaders and the bits of data collected. Certainly, smart organizations require smart leaders. But the responsibility for agility and better performance now rests with the entire organization. It is not just the leaders who must be intelligent. It is the organization.

What makes an organization intelligent and constantly learning? While organizations in the past have been viewed as compilations of tasks, products, employees, profit centers and processes, today they are increasingly seen as intelligent systems designed to manage knowledge. Scholars have shown that organizations engage in learning processes using tacit forms of intuitive knowledge, hard data stored in computer networks and information gleaned from the environment, all of which are used to make sensible decisions. Because this complex process involves large numbers of people interacting with diverse information systems, Organizational Intelligence is more than the aggregate intelligence of organizational members; it is the intelligence of the organization itself as a larger system.  To live as a learning organization, we must pay attention to data that reflects a variety of intelligences including business, social, emotional and cultural.

On October 9th, from 8:00-9:30 a.m., The Fedcap Group is hosting its 16th Solution Series: Maximizing Organizational Intelligence: Building Capacity to Create and Strategically Use Knowledge. There, with a panel of extraordinary experts, we will explore the complexities, the challenges, and the rewards of creating, collecting, analyzing, and using the disparate and numerous data we have to make better decisions, build organizational capacity, and succeed in a diverse and ever-changing business environment. This solution series will appeal to for-profit and non-profit business sectors, academia and government, as organizational intelligence is the answer to building better systems, forging greater partnerships, and creating a better, values-driven workforce.

Please join us for this most important, fascinating, and informative discussion. I encourage you all to click on the date-saver below to register to attend the free event:

Solution Series SavetheDateFinal-2.png



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