In 2013, the John Templeton Foundation conducted a survey of 2000 people on the nature of gratitude. In the survey, the respondents suggested that they were least likely to express gratitude at work than anyplace else in their lives. And yet, 93% of respondents 12-2-14-gratitudesaid that “grateful bosses” were the most likely to succeed.  All of the respondents suggested that saying thank you to colleagues made them feel happier and more fulfilled, yet only 10% actually said thank you out loud.

I suspect there are many theories out there about why only 10% don’t express gratitude out loud, but I am going with the theory that gratitude is a good thing—it boosts morale—it makes people feel good about their effort—and it is the right thing to do.

In that spirit, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wish to express my thanks.

Every day, I have the privilege to interact with people who inspire me.   Our Board of Directors  are committed to our mission of manifesting the power of possible—the power of economic well-being—for the people we serve.   They each bring a unique perspective to our work.  I am challenged and inspired by them, and am grateful for their input, their dedication, and their leadership.  Thank you Fedcap Board of Directors.

And every day I have the privilege to interact with tremendously smart staff who challenge me, wrangle through issues with me, surprise me with their innovation and skill at problem-solving, and overwhelm me with their dedication to our mission.  Our staff is far and wide—and while I don’t get to see them every day, whenever I visit one of our sites, I am so proud of the quality and integrity of our work that is united under one clear vision. To the Fedcap staff—all of you—I offer my sincerest thanks for the work you do every single day—and often night—on behalf of those we serve.

To our funders—city, state and federal agencies, foundations, corporations, family anthanksgiving-cornucopiad individual donors—you know that we couldn’t do our work without your vision, your resources, and your remarkable philanthropy.   Without you, there are tens of thousands of people who would be living without hope, without a future, and without a healthy legacy to leave behind. Without you, we simply wouldn’t be. Thank you.

And, finally, I offer my thanks to the people we serve. Every day I am inspired by your courage, your perseverance, your resilience, and your spirit. If there are ever days when I am tired or overwhelmed, it only lasts a moment as I think of each and every one of you who has broken through barriers that have now become a fabric of your past. You are what keep us all—Board of Directors, staff, funders, and partners—coming to work every day, stirred by your remarkable willingness to seek and accept help—and to contribute to a greater society. Thank you for giving me a reason to get up every morning and to work hard to make a relevant, sustainable impact.

To all of you, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you.



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